Our Story

My name is Amanda Stewart. I am just a simple, southern, small town girl who was raised on the coast of Georgia. I always loved attention as a kid. You can ask my family….my favorite line as a kid was, “the action is over here.” They love telling that story still today. You can believe I was dressed up or twirling around and doing something just to create my own spotlight. Well, years later and with a family of my own, I love the action that others create in their lives. I love people and I love to socialize. I enjoy truly getting to know others and what brings their life joy, happiness, and excitement. That is why I love photography and trying to capture all of the action and emotions of your life. I can’t wait to get to know you and your family and to schedule a session to hit pause on your special moments.

The Face Behind The Lens

Our Approach

Fun, charismatic, compassionate, and outgoing… Those are the qualities I strive to bring to my sessions. I want to create tangible moments, frozen in time, that will last for generations. I want your photographs to express every emotion and be packed full of precious memories. I want to pause life for you in the moments that mean the most.